Meet the Team


Lead Coordinator

kaaya minocha

Kaaya is a senior at Saratoga High School. She has been a member of March For Our Lives for the past 4 years. In 2019, she became the March For Our Lives Ambassador of Saratoga and organized the walkout at her high school. She has previously served as both Volunteer Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator, and through these roles, she has organized educational workshops, town halls, and phone banks. Kaaya is extremely excited to be Lead Coordinator this year and has several ideas on how to spread awareness about gun violence throughout the Bay Area. Kaaya loves running, fighting for causes she believes in, and spending time with her family.


Outreach Coordinator

Lily Arangio

Lily Arangio is a junior at Saint Francis High School. She got her start in activism at the first March For Our Lives in 2018 and has since participated in various movements, including women’s issues, climate justice, and, of course, gun violence prevention. This spectrum of involvement has developed her interest in the intersectionality of all activist movements.

Lily previously served as the Volunteer Coordinator on the 2020/2021 Lead Team and is excited to continue empowering important change as the Outreach Coordinator. In her free time, Lily enjoys reading, catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and playing with her Golden Retriever.


Media Coordinator & Webmaster

Kate DiNucci

Kate is a senior at Saratoga High School. Kate started working with March for Our Lives following the National Walkout in 2018. Since then she has taken part in Saratoga High's annual walkout, the San José Women's march, as well as March for Our Lives' educational workshops and town halls. Kate is excited to help expand the reach of March for Our Lives San José and make activism feel accessible in her role as Media Coordinator & Webmaster. Kate loves reading, neuroscience, and her bunny.


Interscholastic Coordinator

Sara abdelhamid

Sara Abdelhamid is currently a senior at Accel Middle College. She is a proud Egyptian Muslim American who began her activism journey early on to combat harmful narratives about Muslims. She got her start with MFOL when she organized her middle school’s rally in 2018; she served as an ambassador for MFOLSJ last year, and is so excited to serve as the interscholastic coordinator at MFOLSJ this year! In addition to MFOLSJ, she currently serves as a hub coordinator for Sunrise Silicon Valley and co-lead for the Project Empowerment Committee at MAS Bay Area. She is so excited to work on the lead team to spread gun violence awareness, organize community building events, and inspire people to get involved in the movement. She deeply values fighting for intersectionality between global movements and feels empowered by the passion for change her generation has. In her free time, she enjoys reading books from BookTok, spending time with the people she loves, and testing out chocolate chip cookie recipes. 


Financial Coordinator

Shreya gunda

Shreya Gunda is a senior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. She started off by holding a political activism workshop at the Strong Girls, Strong Women Conference and helping with a service project for the Ben Wilson Center.  Having been apart of MFOLSJ for the past two years, she is excited to be back as financial coordinator! Her goal for this upcoming year is to help inspire students and youth to be the change they want to see in their communities. In her free time, Shreya loves to read, make art, and play volleyball.


Volunteer & Logistics Coordinator

Ambika ramadurai

Ambika Ramadurai (she/her) is a junior at Notre Dame High School, San José. She is a first-generation, proud Desi-American who got her start in activism after feeling misrepresented in political spaces. This is her first year with March for Our Lives San José where she will be serving as the Volunteer & Logistics Coordinator. In addition to MFOLSJ, Ambika also serves as Sunrise Movement Silicon Valley's Hub Coordinator. She looks forward to working with the team and putting an end to gun violence not just in San José but around the world!

2021 Lead Team

Lead Coordinator: William Caraccio

Media Coordinator: Erica Cardozo

Interscholastic Coordinator: Lilia Martino

Volunteer Coordinator: Lily Arangio

Outreach Coordinator: Kaaya Minocha & Christina Vo

Finance Coordinator: Shreya Gunda

Collegiate Coordinator: Mitali Khanzode

2019 Lead Team

Lead Coordinator: Ben Nikitin and Julie Son

Media Coordinator: Hana Tzou

Interscholastic Coordinator: Anu Srikanth

Volunteer Coordinator: Anu Srikanth and Erin Campbell

Logistics Coordinator: Danika Cho

Outreach Coordinator: Jessica Silva

Rally Coordinator: William Caraccio

Finance Coordinator: Mitali Khanzode

Webmaster: Hana Tzou

2020 Lead Team

Lead Coordinator: Mitali Khanzode

Media Coordinator: Cassidy Chang

Interscholastic Coordinator: Christina Vo

Volunteer Coordinator: Kaaya Minocha

Outreach Coordinator: Erica Cardozo

Finance Coordinator: William Caraccio

Webmaster: Shreya Gunda

2018 Lead Team

Lead Coordinator: David Lei

Media Coordinator: Hiwad Haider

Interscholastic Coordinator: Joel Rodriguez

Volunteer Coordinator: Daniel Voskoboynik

Logistics Coordinator: Izaiah Tilton

Outreach Coordinator: Hazel Stange

Rally Coordinator: Novia Dattatri

Finance Coordinator: Julie Son

Webmaster: Pranav Rao