Meet the Team

Lead Coordinator

William caraccio

William Caraccio is currently a Senior at Westmont High School. Will’s passion for political activism has taken him across the globe to Catalonia, Spain, where he participated in protests and rallies in support of Catalan Independence two years ago. Serving as Rally Coordinator and Financial Coordinator during his tenure on the Lead Team, Will is honored to take part in this movement and return to MFOLSJ for a third year!

Outreach Coordinator

christina vo

Christina Vo (she/her) is a senior at Silver Creek High School. She is an unapologetic, first-generation Vietnamese American youth activist that is full of passion for social justice through amplifying voices, speaking out, and creating change. Christina has been apart of March for Our Lives for the past three years as an ambassador to Interscholastic Coordinator to now Outreach Coordinator. Continuing her journey in MFOLSJ, she aspires to create space and empower youth to be the change makers in their community!

Volunteer Coordinator

Lily Arangio

Lily Arangio is a sophomore at Saint Francis High School. Like many others, the Parkland shooting in 2018 sparked her passion for gun control advocacy. She’s marched in the San Jose Youth Climate Strike, Women’s March, and March For Our Lives. Aside from advocating for change, she also works to empower those around her to do the same. She does this through an organization dedicated to empowering women to ignite change in their community and become more politically active to mitigate the gender gap in politics. As a part of the Lead Team, Lily hopes to continue inspiring others to create change.

Media Coordinator & Webmaster

Erica cardozO

Erica Cardozo is a senior at Archbishop Mitty High School. She is a photography entrepreneur, editor for her school newspaper, and captain of the Lincoln Douglas event on her school’s Speech and Debate Team. Erica served as Outreach Coordinator last year, and currently works as teen ambassador for Indivisible San Jose. Her goal on the MFOLSJ Lead Team is to inspire youth of all ages and backgrounds to stand up for what they believe in.

Interscholastic Coordinator

Lilia Martino

Lilia has been apart of March for Our Lives since her freshman year. She is a proud intersectional feminist. She is apart of CUHSD’s Student Advisory Board as well as National Society for High School Scholars. She is a big history buff and environmental activist. She plans on studying history and environmental science in college. In her free time she does musical theatre, running, swimming, and reading.

Collegiate Coordinator

Mitali Khanzode

Mitali Khanzode is March For Our Lives San Jose’s collegiate advisor. She has served on the March For Our Lives San Jose Lead Team for the past two years as both their Financial Coordinator and Lead Coordinator, and is passionate about bringing more youth into activism. As a freshman at Stanford University this year, Mitali hopes to guide and help this year’s Lead Team in not only further empowering the youth of the South Bay through activism, but also reducing gun violence in the San Jose area.

Financial Coordinator

Shreya gunda

Shreya Gunda is a current junior at Basis Independent Silicon Valley. She started off by holding a political activism workshop at the Strong Girls, Strong Women Conference and helping with a service project for the Ben Wilson Center. Also apart of her school’s National Art Honors Society, she has participated in many community art projects such as the Memory Project. In her free time, Shreya also plays competitive volleyball, writes for an online journal, and does oil painting.

Outreach Coordinator

kaaya minocha

Kaaya is a junior at Saratoga High School. She has been a member of March For Our Lives for the past 3 years. In 2019, she became the March For Our Lives Ambassador of Saratoga and organized the walkout at her high school. Last year, she was the Volunteer Coordinator on the lead team and arranged for volunteers at MFOLSJ events. Kaaya is extremely excited to be a Outreach Coordinator this year and has several ideas on how to spread awareness about gun violence throughout the Bay Area. Kaaya loves baking, dancing, spending time with her family and friends.

2018 Lead Team

2019 Lead Team

2020 Lead Team

Lead Coordinator: David Lei

Media Coordinator: Hiwad Haider

Interscholastic Coordinator: Joel Rodriguez

Volunteer Coordinator: Daniel Voskoboynik

Logistics Coordinator: Izaiah Tilton

Outreach Coordinator: Hazel Stange

Rally Coordinator: Novia Dattatri

Finance Coordinator: Julie Son

Webmaster: Pranav Rao

Lead Coordinator: Ben Nikitin and Julie Son

Media Coordinator: Hana Tzou

Interscholastic Coordinator: Anu Srikanth

Volunteer Coordinator: Anu Srikanth and Erin Campbell

Logistics Coordinator: Danika Cho

Outreach Coordinator: Jessica Silva

Rally Coordinator: William Caraccio

Finance Coordinator: Mitali Khanzode

Webmaster: Hana Tzou

Lead Coordinator: Mitali Khanzode

Media Coordinator: Cassidy Chang

Interscholastic Coordinator: Christina Vo

Volunteer Coordinator: Kaaya Minocha

Outreach Coordinator: Erica Cardozo

Finance Coordinator: William Caraccio

Webmaster: Shreya Gunda