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2010's Recap: What's next?

In the 2010's, the United States has seen some of its worst mass shootings in Las Vegas, Pulse Nightclub, Sandy Hook Elementary, and Parkland, Florida. Many lives have been tragically lost. Many of them were children. In 2019, there were more mass shootings than days in the year, totaling 417 mass shootings in 365 days (Gun Violence Archive). We can’t forget the tragedies of El Paso, Saugus High School, Dayton, or the Gilroy Garlic Festival that occurred this year, nor can we forget the tragedies that have affected the entire decade. That's why we need to fight. While horrible things came in this decade, we have seen a surge of people, especially teenagers, rising up and showing that they will not back down. Looking into 2020, with less than 300 days until the election, it has become more urgent than ever to step up. Fight for gun sense legislation. Vote, and encourage others to vote too. Show our leaders how you feel and don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. As we journey into this new decade, MFOLSJ will continue its effort fighting for better legislation both locally and nationally, and we hope you do too.

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