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"We Cry" - Anonymous

Because in 6 minutes, 17 innocent people died

A 100 year old killing machine leaves us fearing for our lives

questioning, am I gonna learn or die today?

1 by 1, life by life, it claims its victim

1 by 1, parent by parent, it claims every ounce of happiness

Throws it away

And buries it along with the innocent children who went to school to learn but instead were shot

The innocent children who left for school after breakfast but didn't make it home for dinner

The innocent children who in a matter of seconds their classrooms became a warzone

We cry for the kids who never got a chance

Who were dead before they even lived

The bullet pierced through their skin, and the layers of hope before their heart

Immediately stopping whatever future they could’ve had that was right there, so close until out of nowhere bang

We cry for the ones who suffered

Who gasped and gasped for air until they gasped no more

Until they spoke no more

Until they cried no more

Until they lived, no more

Because of a 100 year old killing machine that we can’t seem to control,

We can’t seem to control who gets one

We can’t seem to control who dies because of it

We can’t seem to control the affect

We can’t seem to get it off our streets

Or out of our minds

Or out of our schools

Because of a 100 year old killing machine,

We cry

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